The MDF’s portfolio was designed to meet the changing needs of Aceh and Nias as they progressed from recovery to rebuilding infrastructure to laying the foundations of economic development.

Consisting of 23 projects in six outcome areas, the projects were implemented by government and non-government partners, including national and provincial governments, agencies of the United Nations, international development institutions, and non-governmental organizations.

Environmental sustainability, gender, capacity building and disaster risk reduction were important cross-cutting elements of the MDF program throughout its life cycle.



Project Fact Sheets can be found in Volume 2 of the Multi Donor Fund Final Report 2012. Click here.

To access further project documents, please click on the the project title below:

Recovery of Communities
1. Community-Based Settlement Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Project (REKOMPAK)
2. Community Recovery through the Kecamatan Development Program (KDP)
3. Community Recovery through the Urban Poverty Project (UPP)
4. Kecamatan-based Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Planning Project in Nias (KRRP)
5. Reconstruction of Aceh Land Administration System Project (RALAS)
Recovery of Larger Infrastructure and Transport
6. Banda Aceh Flood Mitigation Project (BAFMP)
7. Infrastructure Reconstruction Enabling Program (IREP)
8. Infrastructure Reconstruction Financing Facility (IRFF)
9. Lamno-Calang Road Maintenance Project
10. Sea Delivery and Logistics Programme (SDLP)
11. Tsunami Recovery Port Redevelopment Program (TRPRP)
Strengthening Governance and Capacity Building
12. Capacity Building for Local Resource-based Rural Roads (CBLR3)
13. Support for Poor and Disadvantaged Areas (SPADA)
14. Support to Strengthen the Role and Capacities of Civil Society Organizations (CSO)
15. Nias Island Rural Access and Capacity Building Project (RACBP)
Sustaining the Environment
16. Aceh Forest and Environment Project (AFEP)
17. Tsunami Recovery Waste Management Programme (TRWMP)
Enhancing the Recovery Process
18. Technical Assistance to BRR and BAPPENAS
19. Disaster Risk Reduction - Aceh (DRR-A)
20. Aceh Government Transformation Programme (AGTP)
21. Nias Islands Transition Programme (NITP)
Economic Development and Livelihoods
22. Economic Development Financing Facility (EDFF)
23. Nias Islands Livelihoods and Economic Development Program (LEDP)

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